Beading Ideas for Wedding Dress

Beading Ideas for Wedding Dress – Aside from the custom made wedding dress, lots of brides wanted their dresses look different with beading patterns. Using “crystals” and other accessories as materials, they put the hope to have the perfect weeding gown. From gold, lace, black, white to ivory wedding beads have been developed widely. Wedding Dress with Colored Beading When wedding dress halter beaded silk chiffon has a signature style […]

Wedding Dress Ideas for Second Marriage 2015

Wedding Plus Plus does have many picks of wedding dress ideas for second marriage. Even it comes to second, third, fourth and so on, our collections can answer all of them.  2 main ways for having a wedding dress for second marriage are by buying a finished or a custom 2nd-married dress from your trusted designers. No matter where you live in; in Melbourne Australia or somewhere else in the […]

Wedding Dress Ideas for Casual Outdoor Wedding

A bit long title today’s focus is on wedding dress ideas for casual outdoor wedding and perhaps, indoor, too. So if I ask you what do you think first when having ideas of casual weddings? Maybe there will be outdoors something in the mountain or on the beach, right? And the party/reception is designed simple and small or instead luxurious big. How to dress for a casual wedding reception? It’s […]